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Wayne Orr

Wayne  Orr Photo
Wayne Orr Chairman / Chief Operations Officer


Wayne Orr has been in the family business since he was a young boy. He went from organizing his father’s truck as a child to running the entire operation as he grew older. In 1987, Wayne graduated from high school and decided to go to FIU for college. After spending several years at FIU, Wayne realized that his true passion was his family’s business and in 1991, he graduated from the Apprenticeship School at the Plumbers Local Union 519.

Post-Grad Life

While attending apprenticeship school, Wayne worked his way up through the ranks in Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. First, he started out as a plumber’s helper, then moved onto journeyman plumber, then to project manager, and then was an estimator. After that, he became vice president and eventually president of the company. This gradual succession throughout the ranks allowed Wayne to become intimately familiar with every position at his company, along with their responsibilities and capabilities. His integrity, dedication, skill, and knowledge sets him and his company apart from the competition. You would be extremely hard-pressed to find someone as trustworthy and hardworking as Wayne.

Expanding as a Company

Around the mid-1990s, Wayne played an integral role in helping to transform and expand Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. into the hotel and hi-rise plumbing market. This massive expansion was a large contributing factor for why the company is where it is at today. In 2002, Wayne’s father, Douglas, retired and Wayne subsequently took over the company’s day-to-day operations. His values and philosophy reflect what Douglas Orr Plumbing was founded upon.

Wayne is an exceedingly active corporate officer to this day and takes great pride in continuing to operate and maintain such a proficient and morally-upstanding company. The Miami plumbers at Douglas Orr Plumbing provide all our customers with effective and professional plumbing services. Our philosophy and Wayne’s is to, “Provide an excellent product, using highly skilled plumbers at a fair price while treating the customer with professionalism, courtesy, and honesty”.