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Miami Drain Cleaning

Quickly & Safely Addressing Blockages

With clogged drains, it can be especially tricky to determine whether household cleaners will resolve your problem or whether you should seek professional plumbing assistance. Since the buildup from these stoppages can cause damage to your entire plumbing system if left to accumulate, it is best to contact your local Miami drain cleaning team for serious treatment services.

Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. has experienced technicians to pinpoint and resolve your clogged drains and plumbing issues. We’re always available to handle your toughest drain stoppage emergencies. Get in touch with our plumbing company to relieve your clogged drain dilemmas. We are available all the time for emergencies and routine calls.

Contact Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. at (305) 240-6731 for proficient drain cleaning in Miami.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Knowing why clogged drains occur can help you avoid practices that lead to stoppages resulting in more costly drainage problems down the line. For example, a simple activity such as brushing hair over the sink can lead to hair clogging drains and backing up normal water flow.

The following are some common causes of clogged drains to watch out for:

  • Toilet clogs result when you flush things like Q-tips and diaper wipes, which do not dissolve
  • Inadequate air venting obstructs waste and water drainage in your pipes
  • The accumulation of unbreakable food particles, cooking oil, and soap scum into the drain pipe lead to clogged kitchen sink drains
  • When dirt, hair, and skin flakes meld together with soap scum, bathroom sink drains clog up

The Hazards of Chemical Drain Cleaners

No one likes a clogged drain. At best, they cause a great inconvenience as you wait for water to drain; at worst, they could flood your home and impact the rest of your system. When you notice a clogged drain, it can be very tempting to immediately go out to your grocery store and buy a commercial drain cleaner. Such cleaners tend to advertise with reliable sounding titles like “Max Power” or “Proven Strength.”

Unfortunately, however, these drainers are usually only effective in the short run, and worst of all, they can damage or even destroy your plumbing system. The chemicals in these cleaners are very harsh and corrosive to pipes. When the residue from the cleaners mix, they can also cause dangerous chemical reactions, resulting in toxic gas or water residue that can come back up the pipes and endanger the health of you and your household. Never trust a commercial drain cleaner, but immediately contact one of our expert plumbers to safely solve your plumbing needs with efficient and effective methods.

What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

While your garbage disposal is an invaluable tool for your kitchen, it's not designed to handle any type of food waste you may throw down it. It's always best to dump most things in your garbage, but some of the most common causes of broken garbage disposals include:

  • Egg Shells
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Banana Peels
  • Stringy Vegetable Peels (asparagus, potato, celery lettuce)
  • Animal Bones
  • Grease
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Fruit Pits or Seeds

Tips to Keep Your Drains From Getting Clogged

  • Put a hair trap on your shower drain: Our team gets called into homes to take hair out of the shower drain all the time. These hair stoppers are cheap pieces of plastic that will save your wallet and drains from the constant need for drain cleaning.
  • Consider a lint-trap on your washing machine: When your washing machine is done washing, all that dirt and debris doesn't just disappear. What will happen over time is they'll clog your machine's drain line and your washing machine will have excess water.
  • Rinse your drains: A lot of people simply don't clean their drains because they cannot see them. But for best results use a combination of warm water and vinegar.
  • Collect cooking oils and grease in a used milk carton: While it may be easy to rinse your oils and grease down the drain, it's best to dispose of them in the trash because they'll latch onto your pipes and cause all sorts of blockages.
  • Don't put the following food items down your garbage disposal: Coffee grounds, pasta, celery, rice, and egg shells should all be disposed of in the trash as opposed to your garbage disposal.

Extensive Experience for Your Drainage System Issues

Our licensed Miami drain cleaning team can diagnose your plumbing system’s drainage issues and offer you award-winning customer service 24/7. Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. provides drain cleaning and repair services in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Our family-owned local plumbing company has the advantage of more than 50 years’ experience, along with a certified workforce offering quality craftsmanship and prompt service delivery.

Make an appointment with our team by contacting us today to consult our Miami drain cleaning experts.

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