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Tom Gray

Tom  Gray Photo
Tom Gray Superintendent


Tom started off as a plumber apprentice in 1973. After working relentlessly and gaining a comprehensive understanding of plumbing in Miami, Tom was hired by Douglas Orr Plumbing, Inc. in 1984. He began as a Job Foreman and then was promoted to Superintendent in 1985, after proving his exceptional plumbing and managerial abilities.

Tom has formed close working relationships with many of his customers and employees over the years, earning himself an exceedingly positive reputation throughout the community. His current responsibilities include hiring and terminating personnel, supervising over all job contracts, and making sure all jobs are held to the high standards that we have at Douglas Orr Plumbing.

Douglas Orr Plumbing would not be where it is today without the leadership and hard work Tom has provided for the company. He makes sure that each plumber is properly prepared for the job they are about to take on and that they have the knowledge and skill set necessary to do so. Tom is meticulous and makes sure nothing slips past him, which is why so many contractors enjoy working with him. They know that the job will be not only be performed the correct way, but also in the most efficient manner possible.